Guest Blogging Opportunities on the Top 12 Websites


Guest Blogging Opportunities

The best places to write guest posts about digital advertising have been listed below.




Subjects: Advertising


Hubspot is a well-known platform that lets people write guest blogs from all over the world. Each of their blogs falls into one of four groups: Marketing and Sales; Service and Website.




Subjects: Productivity, Automation, Marketing


There are a bunch of bloggers out there who are looking for an active audience, who like to write about unique things and share their thoughts, and this is the place for them. They usually write more than 1.3k words in the content they write.


It should be 100% unique and have never been seen before, and there are a lot of different topics you can write about. However, there are a few matters they don’t talk about, and you can find out more about them here.




Subjects: Technology, Business, Entertainment, Social Media


Mashable is one of the best places to find news about social media, technology, and the web. It was founded in 2005 and is popular with bloggers and people who use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Social media fans, brands and corporations, marketing agencies, and so on are all there. It’s a great place for writers who want to reach people who like social media. To put your blog on this site, click here.


The Social Media Examiner.


Subjects: Social Media


Every day, Social Media Examiner is looking for new writers to write for their site. They are very picky about which ones they choose to work on their site.


Content Marketing Institute


Subjects: Content Marketing


With their goal of “advancing the practice of content marketing” in mind, the platform has a wide range of people who work in the field and great B2B and B2C businesses.


They want new and interesting content that is also relevant and written in a way that makes them want to read more. If you want to read about other rules the platform has for bloggers who want to post their content, click this link.


Creative Bloq


Subjects: Blogging, web design, and other topics


The platform always needs talented writers. They want to add them to their great group of contributors. As long as you’re a good writer or digital artist willing to share your skills, everyone is welcome.

As a blogger, you need to send them an email that explains your interests and skills and some of your past work. To find out more, click here.




Subjects: Social Media, Blogging


The platform goes one step forward. It isn’t just about well-written content. It also looks at how the images look. They want their boggers to come up with visually appealing and interesting content to read.


They can use their social media record, like their Facebook page or Twitter feed, to spread the word about what they write! When everything goes well, they can get their content published. They have to follow a set of rules.




Subjects: Blogging, Social Media, Content Marketing


There are so many pitches that it’s hard for them to pick their favorites, so they’ve set up a few rules for bloggers to follow so they don’t end up in the trash.


They don’t pay attention to things that have already been discussed or content that doesn’t seem new. Check out this page for more things to think about before sending them your pitch.


Shout Me Out


If you want to write a blog or market your business online, this is one of the most popular platforms. They want to help bloggers get in front of new people and grow their readership.


There are some rules that everyone who wants to be a ShoutMeLoud contributor needs to follow. Make sure you read them all the way through.


Pole Position Marketing


Subjects: Analytics, SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design


This platform gives guest bloggers a chance from time to time, but only if it helps them improve their skills. It turns out that the writers they choose are very picky, so their audience is very picky as well.


They might not like it if you send them your article or blog. It would help if you thought about that when you sent it to them.


Inc 42


Subjects: Marketing, Blogging


Inc42 is a popular site that allows guest bloggers to write about any subject or industry part of the startup ecosystem. They can write about anything. It can be written in the form of lists, or in a way that helps entrepreneurs, and so on.


They have very strict rules about how bloggers can write, so you’ll need to read their rules carefully.


The MarketingProfs


Subject: Marketing


Many of the articles on this website can be in the queue for a few months. They try to keep the backlog to a minimum and only post relevant and useful articles to their audience.


They are very picky and have a detailed list of the topics they cover and how they do it.

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