Best Virtual Team Building Activities Ideas For Employees


virtual team building activities

To engage and grow a remote workforce, virtual team building activities are essential. Organizations should make one of the most beneficial investments in their people’s practices by investing in team building. For starters, it increases workplace engagement, which has a direct influence on productivity and performance.

According to statistics, 75% of employers consider teamwork and collaboration to be highly vital. It is a direct result of team building. 86 percent of employees feel that workplace failures are caused by a lack of teamwork.

That is why virtual team building activities for employees are essential for organizations. The shift to remote work is posing new problems. As a result, most companies are spicing up their skills to organize and conduct virtual team building activities to ensure smooth cooperation and participation.

Thus, we are providing you with the few best virtual team building activities ideas for employees. Read this blog, and learn how you can engage your remote team efficiently.

So, let’s discuss some easy virtual team building ideas that you can simply organize virtually.

Best Virtual Team Building Activities Ideas For Employees

Following are team building activities for virtual teams. Let’s discuss;

Everyday Rituals

One of the most efficient ways to improve team building was to have morning chit-chats upon arriving at the workplace before getting down to business. It allowed employees to understand more about their peers than just what they do at work. Many firms are establishing these simple everyday rituals, which include an early morning engagement before work, as part of virtual team development. The goal is to have regular contacts outside of work that encourage connection.

Virtual Icebreakers

This is the best among virtual fun team building activities. Organizations have used icebreakers as a pleasant way to encourage workers to get to know one another. Virtual icebreakers are becoming more popular as the number of distant workers grows. 

These are necessary for virtual team building and the development of strong working connections. Employees can participate in virtual icebreakers such as two truths and a lie, in which they disclose three facts about themselves. The two of which are true and one of which is not. Others will have to guess correctly. There may be rapid-fire questions or other tasks. Such as taking a picture of your workstation, going on at the same time. 

These icebreakers would assist employees to overcome their anxiety about interacting with one another and inspire them to pursue common interests.

Gaming Tournament

Hosting gaming competitions is another useful strategy for virtual team development. Companies may devote time and resources to forming virtual teams and hosting gaming sessions. Such as Ludo, PUBG, or any other game that their workers like. This would encourage uncommon teamwork and collaboration. 

Simultaneously, arranging virtual scavenger hunts may be entertaining. Employees will have to work together in groups to find the final treasure. It would be a nice idea to increase the motivation for participation by presenting the prizes for the winners.

Virtual Escape Room

Organizations can play additional online team building activities. Such as a virtual escape room. Employees will be divided into small groups and kept in a room. They will have to look around the room for clues and figure out how to solve them to discover a way out. This is not only a fun approach to keep staff engaged, but it will also improve their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Share Your Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list. A list of things they wish to do before they die or reach a particular age. In a remote workplace, sharing a bucket list with coworkers is an unusual occurrence. The majority of these talks took place during coffee breaks, which are not available in a distant area.

As a result, scheduling a conference call to invite team members to submit the top five things on their bucket list would be worthwhile. While this will assist employees in getting to know one another on a personal level. It will also help those who share bucket lists bond.

Hobby Groups

Clubs and special interests are common in traditional workplaces, where employees gather to discuss common interests. The transformation to a remote workforce has left these rituals of closeness and bonding behind. Organizations should concentrate their efforts on creating virtual hobby groups where people with similar interests may meet and collaborate.

These groups may be held using WhatsApp or any other collaboration medium that workers are familiar with, such as Slack. One advantage of having such hobby groups is that they may progressively come up with and perform engaging remote team building activities.

Virtual Happy Hour

Outings, team lunches, and dinners were formerly common. We may not be able to go out, but staff may still get together for happy hours. Organizations may simply order some good food and beverages to be delivered to their team members’ homes. Everyone can have a meal together through a video conference, complete with casual chitchats.

Final words

We have discussed different best virtual team building activities ideas for employees. The above best team building activities virtually help you to build employee connections. They are able to get over their shyness. Thus, use the above virtual team building activities ideas to engage your employees. It will create a happy and healthy environment among employees.

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