A Simple Method to Import MBOX into Lotus Notes Without Any Data Loss


Import MBOX into Lotus Notes

Well, these days, email clients have become the best option for formal communicative service globally. This is a widely used method for a professional conversation with a proper trail of mail in the inbox. It stores many other pieces of your information, like tasks, journals, calendars, etc., and includes your mailbox. The problem resumes when a user is planning a migration of their mailbox to another email client mailbox. Certain advantages lead users to another email client. For any reason, if the user decided to import MBOX into Lotus Notes, then there is no coming back until new features are introduced.  

With the help of this write-up, we will guide users through this migration process from Mozilla Thunderbird to IBM Lotus Notes. Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc are MBOX-supportable email clients. Whereas the NSF format is supported by Lotus Notes only. So the user’s query is to import Mozilla Thunderbird into Lotus Notes, and this requires MBOX to NSF conversion.


The Reason to Import MBOX into Lotus Notes

They are migrating the MBOX file into Lotus Notes because they want to switch the email clients. This migration is held when users think of migrating the thunderbird mailbox into Lotus Notes. The reasons are given below.


This happens when users are moving forward to the current organization and use Lotus Notes that require the conversion of MBOX files to PST file format.

Some users are very concerned about their privacy and the safety of their mailboxes and Lotus notes, which provide high security.

The graphic interface and the top functions make users migrate to the mailbox.


Another factor could be that Lotus Notes allows access to orphan MBOX files. When a Notes user uses Google Takeout or other web services to view MBOX files, he or she would need to Import MBOX into Lotus Notes.


Manual Steps for Importing MBOX to NSF 


This native solution to convert MBOX to NSF requires exporting MBOX into EML format and then EML to Lotus Notes. The steps are given below:


Firstly, download the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

Then download the import/export tool from the addons.

Using Mozilla, go to the Tool menu and select Import/ExportTools to import all MBOX files. Alternatively, users can duplicate all MBOX files and paste them into Thunderbird’s storage place. (Open Thunderbird and go to Help Menu > Troubleshooting information > Show Folder to find the message’s storage location.) (The approach to the storage facility can be seen here.)

Open Mozilla Thunderbird again, and look for the MBOX file there. Now drag your file from the system location. The dragged files are in EML format.


Automatic Solution to Import MBOX to HCL Notes


To save you from the obstacles of manual solution users, always switch to the expert’s recommended smart procedure. To export emails from Thunderbird mailboxes to Lotus Notes in bulk, users should try the demo version once. All MBOX documents are quickly adapted to the NSF file format while preserving all metadata. The email clients that support MBOX files are Apple Mail, the Bat, Google Takeout, Opera Mail, etc. This technology comes with excellent equipment and technical support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users can try out the sample version to see how well it works.


Download MBOX to NSF converter software.

Click on the MBOX file and hit next.

 Note: The task looks easy when the Thunderbird is already configured in the system. You just need to choose the directory navigation in your system. The software fetches the data automatically.

Add files and folders from the system or browse through the MBOX file.

The file format that you want to convert.

Set the destination where you want to save your NSF file.

In the last step, hit the convert button.



In conclusion, this happens many times when users find the new updates or the new advanced features of the email client. We talked about both the procedures. The native one is good enough to import MBOX into Lotus Notes. 

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