9 Facts Everyone Should Know About Offset Printing Services


Offset Printing Services

Pharmaceutical companies are touching heights of success nowadays. At this stage, if we notice the main reasons behind their success, we will find the triggered role played by offset printing services. Each company has its own printing and packaging requirements for its growth and marketing. One who acts wisely for these basic requirements raises up its standard in the near future.

Rapid Growth of Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical packaging companies started their journey to success as soon as they understood the role of printing services. So, with the passage of time these two domains have made significant adaptations. That’s how they have upgraded the overall reputation of these industries as a total. 

Thereby, at this point we can say the printing services are the primary requirement of a growing company. Late in 18 century, we developed the mechanism for offset printing services. This method is a little old but still usable today. 

Why Choose Offset Printing Services

If you require printing just to print something then, do whatever you want. Choose any printing method or a company as per your budget. But if you want to use printing services for representing the higher business values and work quality, then offset printing services are the best choice for this purpose on the commercial scale. 

Things You Might Consider for Offset Printing Services 

Printing services are equally important for a company than other basic requirements. Usually every company has separate teams for different tasks. One who is dealing with printing media must be wise enough to make the correct decision on time. He must be wise in the selection of the printing company. Whenever we have a bulk printing requirement, we usually prefer offset printing services. Following are some considerable points that you must keep in mind when selecting any offset printing services. 

Basic Operation of Offset Printing Services 

Offset printing technology is relatively an old printing technique. Yet we still prefer it for the bulk printing process due to its high quality printing in limited time. It is a multistep printing process in which we plate each image on a printing surface. No matter which type of promotional printing service you are having, the basic procedure for all of them will be the same. The basic operations of offset printing services are: 

·         Design 

·         Estimate 

·         Prepress 

·         Printing (Plate manufacturing and Image plating) 

·         Finishing 

·         Delivery 

A large Printer to Handle Bulk Orders 

Usually we use a printing service available in our locality to have print outs of our CVs and scanned documents. The small printers available at these shops are only equipped for such printings. However, for a business we usually need thousands of printed copies of the same design and quality. Therefore, we hire large professional printers offering offset printing services for such huge printing. 

Avoid Smearing During Ink Placement 

Inks are liquid in nature. If any drop drips off mistakenly on an unwanted area of the printingsurface, it can give a bad outlook to printed material. In this specific case, the overall neatness of content on promotional and other such printing will be compromised. However, in case of offset printing services, we seldom see such errors. This is because in offset technology we keep ink and water apart from each other. 

Computer Operated Multiple Part Plating 

Human errors are quite common in any printing process. For example, 

·         Offsetting error when ink on the top sheet imprints on the sheet next to it. 

·         Ghosting when a secondary image imprints on a single printing surface. 

·         A grainy or spotty look when you haven’t cleaned your printing rollers for a long duration. 

·         Difficulty in handling multiple colours at a time 

·         An appearance of forth colour, say red colour near the edges of printed text. 

To avoid all such human errors and other systematic errors, now we can operate the offset technology by connecting it with computers. A computer operated system gives desirable results with great accuracy and efficiency while shearly checking the time limit.  

No Mixing of Ink and Water 

Offset printing services ensure production of attractive, high quality images. It is mainly due to direct placement of ink on desired areas. It never allows the inks to get mixed with water by any chance. 

No Complicated Desiccation Systems Required  

As soon as the image is imprinted from the plates to the desired surface, it dries immediately. You have no need to employ a special dedication system for drying purposes. 

Rubber Mats for High Quality Printing 

For offset printing, we project the ink on a surface, then transfer it to the paper stock. By this we again avoid smearing ink. Usually the surface used for projection of ink is made of rubber. Today, we have replaced this rubber material surface with rocks and other alternatives. But we prefer rubber surfaces as they allow the clear impression of ink over the paper surface. 

Give a Critical View to Company’s Experience

Human errors and other varieties of errors are quite common in newly developed offset printing companies. They can deal with small orders but it is difficult for them to handle larger ones due to their inexperience in the field. Therefore, whenever you select a company for its offset printing services, then you must consider the professional history and experience of that company. 

Plate Maintenance For Longer Plate Life 

For bulk printing, the first and main requirement is availability of large metal plates. Then, the overall production depends on the plate manufacturing process. Moreover, once the plates are manufactured, they require intensive care for longer plate life. Otherwise you can face many printing errors. 


If we consider the aforementioned facts about offset technology, then we come to know that Indus Printing is a leading company in the UK. It provides more reliable offset printing services to its clients than any other printing press. This company is a go-on choice for every investor for its premium high quality images. 

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