4 Quick Breakfasts Snacks Packed with Energy


Quick Breakfasts Snacks Packed with Energy

For some breakfast is the most important meal of the day so they would rather wake up early and prepare a hearty, fully energy packed breakfast before setting off on their day. For the other breakfast skippers who wake up just in time to get ready and be out of the door, breakfast is the last priority on their minds that is of course until 10 am when they feel the hunger pants striking.

Whether or not breakfast is a must differs between people’s opinions and what they thing works for them. All that being said it is still important for your body to have food since you have not had anything since dinner. Your body needs that energy boost which can only be given through the consumption of food. So, if you are someone who does not like making breakfast a bid deal but still want something to snack here are some ideas for you.

A smoothie

Packed with blended fruits of your choice a smoothie or even a fruit juice is the one stop shop for breakfasts. All you will need are the fruits you like eating and yoghurt with sugar for an extra kick if you like. Even if you are not too health conscious the benefits of a smoothie go far beyond.

While it is packed with natural sugars it is also quite filling leaving you satisfied until you get to lunch. It is easy to carry and is something you can have at your desk without the worry of a food smell swimming around your office.

Nuts and seeds

Granola or cornflakes are breakfast favourites for most due to how tasty and easy it is. You can either have it plain or mix it up with some coconut yoghurtfor a change. It is light on stomach and packed with fibres. The yoghurt adds weight helping you feel full and satisfied enough to start the day. It is healthy for the body and does not cause irritation to the stomach like other heavy breakfasts can sometimes do.

A bit of carbs

Light breakfasts are great but carbs too are essential for our bodies to have the needed kick start in the day. Small sandwiches, toasts or even hash browns made from potatoes are some other easy to make and carry breakfast ideas you can try.

If you are health conscious about using oil hash browns can easily be fried in an air fryer making it much healthier. These are much better options that the curb side hotdog stand that is easier to buy from each morning.

Last night’s leftovers

Not the healthiest option but definitely one of the easiest for those rushed mornings. Somehow leftovers always taste better the next day. You can either take it as it is or add some variation to the existing meal. This is particularly easy for small food such as pizza that only needs to be thrown into the microwave before enjoying it.

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