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Wired headphones are becoming increasingly rare, especially because many modern technological products only have Bluetooth as a means of connecting headphones.

This is the situation with the current iPhone models that lack a 3.5 mm handsfree port, leaving iPhone users with just Bluetooth headphones and earbuds as an option (unless you prefer to use Lightning headphones).

However, when confronted with so much choice, it's natural to wonder, "What are the best Bluetooth headphones I can buy?"

You'll see that there are a lot of possibilities because new Bluetooth headphones in Pakistan are introduced every month, with a variety of designs, functions, and, most importantly, costs. These are divided into three groups:

Headphones with a headband (over the ear)

These are the huge models that cover your ears fully. Because of their size, they will be able to accommodate bigger drivers capable of producing broad and detailed sound.


A tiny earbud that merely fits on the outside of your ear is a wonderful alternative if you want something a bit more compact that you can quickly slip on and off when travelling.

Hands-free in-ear headphones

It's all about portability when it comes to mobile technologies you can buy online at Hafeez Center online store. Many individuals prefer in-ear handsfree headphones that they can wear all day without pain and that can simply be put into a pocket and carried around.


Sony has once again demonstrated its ability to create enthralling wireless headphones. The previous XM3 model was already fantastic, so it's no surprise that Sony is back with a new gadget that's just as compelling.

The XM4s are very identical to the previous generation, with the exception that the ear cups are somewhat bigger and auto-off is enabled by a visible sensor on the left.

It sticks out above all because of how comfy they are, which, combined with their exceptional build quality, gives them an ultra-premium feel.

These are the greatest headphones you can acquire if you want to wear them for lengthy periods of time.

Melomania 1 by Cambridge Audio

Wireless earbuds are all the rage, but AirPods, let alone AirPods Pro, are out of reach for most people. Fortunately, there are less expensive options, such as numerous Cambridge Audio models.

Despite their outstanding quality, the Melomania 1s are fairly priced, placing them in the budget earbuds category.

These earbuds are extremely compact and lightweight. They have a strange and unique bullet design, but they also fit quite securely and pleasantly in your ear.

They have an IPX5 certification, which means they can withstand splashes and perspiration, making them excellent for working out.

The charging case reflects the device's diminutive size: it is extremely small, making it extremely portable. The earbuds are held in place by strong magnets, and a series of LEDs on the front display the battery level.

QuietComfort 35 II by Bose

This wireless headphone type is unquestionably up to the task. The larger headband ensures a secure fit, and the cups apply strong pressure around the ears.

The foam on the cases is extremely soft and comfortable to the touch. The cases are composed of synthetic protein leather and include a silicone bead to decrease noise, according to Bose.

The QC35 earbuds may be connected to two devices at once and switched easily between them. Simply put, pause one and play the other. The wireless performance is outstanding, but because not all devices have Bluetooth, you may still use the headphones wired if necessary.

AirPods 2

The AirPods 2 are Apple's second generation of wireless handsfree headphones, and they feature several enhancements over the prior model that make upgrading to the latest model desirable.

You may benefit from better connection speeds, more conversation time, and Siri compatibility. Furthermore, the wireless charging compatibility has caught our notice.

Of course, there isn't much of a change between the previous generation model and the sound quality (which is still fantastic).

Because it's an Apple product, it'll be the one with the best compatibility with all of the company's gadgets. And if you're a die-hard Apple fan, the AirPods 2 are the Bluetooth handsfree you've been looking for.


Beats headphones have long been associated with high-end headphones. The Beats Flex model, on the other hand, challenges this notion at a price that is more than reasonable.

Unless you get the black variant, this is a brightly coloured neckband handsfree that is ideal for individuals who cannot afford to spend hundreds of rupees on a handsfree. They come in a variety of colours, including 'yuzu yellow, ‘smoke grey,' and 'fire blue.'

Although wireless handsfree is the fastest-growing segment of the industry, neckband headphones should not be overlooked. Their design prevents them from becoming lost if they fall, and they may be worn around the neck as a necklace while not in use.


Let's say you want to acquire some gaming headsets so you can fully immerse yourself in your favourite music. Take advantage of the possibility to talk about the game with your coworkers in certain circumstances - in this headset purchasing guide, you'll discover that, beyond the stunning and colourful look, there are models that produce outstanding sound that can make a competitive difference.

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