The Best Marketing Strategies for Kenyan Taxi Businesses Before Launching Uber Clone App


There will be hardly a phone left that doesn’t have a Taxi App.

It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of these On-Demand Taxis. The desire to travel in comfort, which can be accomplished with only a few taps, is expanding. People want to travel in style without breaking the bank, and the launch of an Uber clone app in Kenya appears to be a perfect fit.


uber clone app

Read on if you want to learn how to start a profitable taxi business in Kenya.

Uber – The Transformation in Transportation Industry

Before Uber, the transportation industry was in mess.

We all know how difficult it was to reserve a cab and schedule our days accordingly. Not to mention the mistakes, and the fact that sometimes the taxi service forgets to send you a taxi. Uber revolutionised the transportation industry. It revolutionised the taxi industry by demonstrating that commuting does not have to be as inconvenient as it once was.

However, copying Uber whole-heartedly won’t take you there where Uber is. In fact, people would ditch your app and move on to another.

So, to avoid the mishap, let’s explore the marketing strategies for your Taxi Business in Kenya using Uber Clone.

Develop Your Uber Clone on Both OS

You may reach a larger consumer base by developing an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App for both OS systems. Your users will be able to order Taxis on the fly with ease.

People of Kenya Loves a Taxi App That Saves Their Time

“What is the best way to make an app that everyone enjoys?” The solution is right in front of you. In today’s frantic world, the one thing that your customers will desire is something that would save them time. You know you’ve won them over if you give them a Customized Uber Clone App with custom features and services that save them time and effort.

Offer Relevant Than Fancy

If you’ve used the Uber app, you’ll note how they gradually offer new features, pricing, and announcements. Because it understands when the perfect time is to develop and how customers would appreciate it. Uber App does everything it can to keep customers happy, from offering discounted rides to “Vaccination Centers” to various promo codes and discounts for “Elderly persons.” Similarly, combining it with clever techniques will help you stand out from the crowd.

Apart from the aforementioned, add-on services such as Uber-like carpooling, shopping/stopping/eating while riding, booking a ride for someone else, Wallet to Wallet money transfer, taxi booking through a website, and more can be implemented.

Contact an App Development Company like Cubetaxi to learn more about add-ons and how they may help you customise your app.

In Conclusion

Many app development companies claim to offer high-end Uber Clone Apps but fail to deliver on their promises. The app’s launch took months.


Look for an Uber App Development Company that is reputable and experienced. It will only take a week for a reputable app development business to develop and launch your app on the Play Store/App Store.

Discuss your needs with the team and sign up for a demo trial.


Following your input, the team moves forward with the on-boarding process to “upload and launch” your Taxi Booking App in Kenya

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