The best health monitoring Android apps


Who doesn’t want to enjoy a healthy body and fitness? Yes we are, everyone wants to maintain a good personality and healthy lifestyle. But often and even very easily we gain more weight than we want. Therefore, weight gain is now a common problem. If you are also in such trouble then you can keep this great weight loss app for android. Here, I have included 20 best weight loss apps for Android that can help you.


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Smartphones have revolutionized our lives. Since their expansion in recent years, they have completely transformed the way they communicate with the world and transmit and receive information. But they have not only succeeded in removing the borders of the world. Smartphones have the potential to improve our lives toward things that were recently unimaginable.

And the fact that mobile applications, known as apps, are beginning to show that the future of health can be in our pockets. Some apps have started to improve people’s health both physically and mentally because health care is no longer just a matter of hospitals.

We can all have access to tips and tricks that guarantee the safety of our health just a click away. And in today’s article we compile some of the apps that are going to completely revolutionize the concept of health we have.

What are the essential health applications?

The market for healthcare apps is booming, as we are increasingly aware of the incredible potential of smartphones to make the health of the entire population accessible, intimate, effective and for personal protection.

In all of the options available for download today, we offer a list of the 10 best health apps that take into account the functionality, benefits and quality of scientific collaboration, ease of use, and more. These work like a spy app for Android, but only to monitor your own health!


MiYo (Mind Yourself), is a health and wellbeing application, from Ireland’s Youth Website, The app focuses on tracking key aspects of physical health and wellbeing such as sleeping, eating, connecting with friends and learning. Users earn levels and are awarded achievements for logging their activity. It also sends handy tips to users who may need some advice and support.


MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular fitness apps for mobile devices. It deals with everything and includes calorie counters. The application allows us to list the types of foods and types of foods we eat so that we can track our progress.

It includes a timer that will notify us when we have it. We achieved our goals. To enjoy this application, you must use a monthly subscription, a subscription that costs, 9.99 per month. Although it is expensive, it is perfect for recording both our activities and all the food we eat.


Lifesum is another app that combines diet and exercise. It doesn’t force you to keep hardcore details of every single meal. Instead, it offers basic guidelines to follow. The app asks for things like weight, height, gender, and fitness goals. The app gives each person personalized recommendations from that info. It also includes niche things like micro tracking for those on specialized diets. The food and exercise tracking is free for everybody along with some social features. Everything else requires a subscription. Lifesum requires subscriptions paid upfront for three, six, or 12 months at a time. It’s one of the great health apps.


MapMyFitness uses built in GPS technology to provide runners, cyclists and walkers the ability to map record and track their workouts. In addition, users have access to a searchable database of local routes, online training tools, event listings and more. Users can also Import workouts from over 400 compatible devices, including Jawbone, Garmin, Polar and Fitbit. Get credit for all the calories you burn by linking your MyFitnessPal account with MapMyFitness. Once connected, you’ll be able to view your workout stats, calorie burn and nutrition data within the same dashboard.


TickTick is a simple, excellent to-do list app. This is useful for a long of things. That includes scheduling and remembering doctor’s appointments, taking your daily medications, or remembering to re-stock on your protein shakes. It’s usable for work and home tasks, as well as stuff like grocery lists. The UI is easier than most and a little bland at times. You can also share your categories and tasks with other people if you want them to see tasks. It’s not a health app exactly, but it’s definitely useful for health reasons.

Trust me, these apps will get you data and information that evens a cellphone spy app couldn’t!

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