Screen Time Distribution Of Your Teen With android Spyware


Ever thought that 24 hour day is a little less for your chores and you need more hours. Well, thanks to technology we may have been given leniency in so many important work but the same technology is the biggest distraction of our life. I dare you to calculate the time you spend on useless browsing per day and believe me you will be shocked. We all maybe just going through the newsfeed and tweeting or retweeting or watching a video on youtube but in reality, we waste so much time on these apps that we didn’t even know. This and many other distractions cost us hours. Similarly, how many of you have the habit of wasting time on the cellphone before falling asleep. Well, am ashamed of the fact that around 4/5 hours are spent wandering around different apps, those important hours that can help me to awake fresh in the morning only if were spent in sound sleep. 



Well, this is the dilemma of a common adult. Now imagine this dangerous gadget in the hands of teenagers or minors who have their whole life in front of them and are still in the wild age of teen who doesn’t know the importance of time and how to manage it. So what happens when a teen got a hand on a smart gadget like a tablet or a cellphone. Well, they get drown in it. With no moral obligation of time and of course the hormones, this combination of smart gadgets and teens can get seriously out of hand if left unsupervised.

So instead of regretting that latter why not take action right now and try to keep things under control. Today we are going to share some tips and tricks that can help you and will keep you in charge of all the things. Heard about cellphone spyware?. I am sure most of you know about this technology even if you don’t know then you can learn about it today.

Real-Time Screen Monitoring Feature:

First and foremost the cell phone spyware app lets the user know about all the screen activities of the target in real-time. You can make surprise visits to the teen cellphone screen or can check out later. The spy app saves the activity record in the form of snapshots and short recordings on the web portal.

YouTube Screen Monitoring Feature:

Keep up with one of the most famous videos streaming history records of your teen with the cellphone spyware. The app lets the parents know about the channel updates and post on time as well.

Instagram Screen Monitoring Feature:

Keep up with the Instagram newsfeed and story updates of your teen with Instagram screen recording features of the android spying. Know how much time is spent on this social media platform and keep with their digital life updates secretly.

WhatsApp Screen Monitoring Feature:

Teenagers love instant messenger chat apps and OgyMogy knows that. The spy app lets the user know about the Watsapp chatbox content along with contacts and other details. One can not only read the text message and know about the call record but can also check the media shared through the app.

SMS Screen Recording Feature:

Know if your child is getting any spam message or someone bullies or threaten your teen in the text message. You can know about it and much more by using the SMS screen recording feature of the android spyware app.

Facebook Screen Recording Feature:

Check out the Facebook updates, posts like comment records of your teen with facebook screen recorder features. The spy app also gives remote access to the messenger and voice call details as well.  Assure the online safety of your child by keeping an eye on their digital activities. Access to both the newsfeed and messenger activities of Facebook makes this feature very efficient.

A spy app like the OgyMogy offers a complete surveillance report of all the cellphone activities of your teen to you without them knowing. Yes, I know the last part can be big deal for most of you so I  especially mentioned that here because I have seen many parents who are hesitant to use android spyware just because they think that will affect their relationship with their children.   

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