Is There Anything I Can Do To Improve The Performance Of My Older Membrane Filter Press?


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Membrane filter press (also known as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis equipment) are commonly used to treat water and wastewater in industrial settings, at commercial facilities, and even at home. Though the technology behind membrane filtration has existed since the 1960s, it’s only recently become economically feasible to use membranes to remove solids from liquids on such a large scale — making it an increasingly popular choice for water treatment today. Membrane filter press have been around long enough that older models have now been replaced by newer versions of the same technology.

Low Flow Rates

The biggest issue you’ll run into with an older Membrane Filter Press is low flow rates, which are most likely due to clogged membranes. To start, follow our guide for cleaning and re-calibrating membranes in your filter press. This should get rid of most problems with flow rates. However, if flow rates continue to be a problem (even after running a clean cycle), make sure that you’re using high-quality water. Our Pure Flow Plus system will remove all metals from your water before it gets near your membrane and contributes to unwanted build-up or deposits inside it. If you’re experiencing slow flow rates due to other issues, don’t hesitate to reach out; we have factory technicians standing by ready to help! We’ve been helping membrane filter press owners just like you since 1985 and we’d love to give you a hand! Just call 1-800-874-1248 or email us at [email protected]

Head Losses

If you are using a membrane filter press, one of the things that can help your equipment achieve higher throughput is making sure all pressure drops due to head losses (in both pipelines and tanks) are optimized. Make sure all flow meters, pumps, and piping are sized properly. The media bed should also be periodically cleaned using an abrasive such as Fluid Brightener or Sand Brightening Aid so that it is not overloaded with particulate. Additionally, if more membranes are available for your system contact a large manufacturer of Automatic filter press like Metso Minerals who can add membranes from their existing inventory. Even if your model no longer has membranes manufactured by that particular company they may still have spares on hand or have an available source you could use. For example, we carry GAC and PAC membranes from Hydranautics; even though we do not manufacture them ourselves we have them in stock because they were previously manufactured here at our facility. This makes it easy for us to provide customers with affordable spare parts while maintaining long-term relationships with manufacturers. Having long-term relationships with manufacturers helps ensure the availability of new products when you need them which means your business will run smoothly! In addition to providing spare parts, we offer 24/7 emergency services in case any issues arise. This means that whether it’s 2 am or 2 pm our highly trained technicians will be there to quickly address any problems you might encounter during the operation of your membrane filter press. This can make a huge difference when dealing with foul-ups in production schedules!

Differential Pressure Losses

If you are seeing pressure losses and have an older model, call Dri-Z Inc. We can troubleshoot your differential pressure loss problem. Older membrane filter press may experience a differential pressure loss, especially after long hours of operation. A system that has been in service for some time will eventually wear out and require replacement parts or full unit overhauls. However, Dri-Z is one of few membrane manufacturers that offers maintenance kits as well as wear and tear replacement items to keep your system running efficiently even with extensive use. With our knowledgeable sales staff and vast inventory, we can help diagnose any problems you may be experiencing with your drier’s day-to-day operations. Let us help make sure your membrane filter press keeps performing at its best! Call today! 888-547-3564 ext 1

How to prolong Membrane Filter Press life: While it is normal for all membrane filter press to lose efficiency over time, certain precautions can be taken to increase longevity. Here are a few tips on how you can prolong Largest filter press manufacturer manufacturer life: Regular Maintenance: Your Largest filter press manufacturer manufacturer requires regular maintenance by qualified technicians. Overhauling should occur every three years depending on water quality and usage; more frequently if conditions warrant it. Replace filters before they become too clogged or damaged which causes excessive pressure loss due to reduced flow rates resulting from backpressures.

Water Hammer Effects

To prevent water hammer and maintain pressure in your system, you’ll need a pressure reducing valve. Water hammer occurs when a change in system pressure happens quickly, such as when your valves close suddenly. This will cause a rapid fall or rise in pressure that could have disastrous effects on your Largest filter press manufacturer manufacturer. Fortunately, modern reducing valves are available to help with these problems. Some will even shut off automatically if they detect large-scale changes in flow rate that may be indicative of water hammer. If you suspect your filter press is experiencing water hammer, it’s best to consult an expert before attempting any repairs yourself.

Be sure your system is properly sized: If you experience high pressure within your Largest filter press manufacturermanufacturer, chances are good that it is not correctly sized for its intended use. It is important to size systems properly for their expected workload so excess wear and tear does not occur. Your largest Largest filter press manufacturer manufacturer can help determine what size system would work best for your particular application.

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