How to install and use Starz on PS4 – Complete Guide

STARZ is used for watching videos by subscription. We can watch Starz videos through play station. Starz is a kind of application to watch videos. You can use it only for smartphones and Apple devices.

You can subscribe by logging into your cable TV or by the Starz application straightly. We can use this application on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Now here we are going to learn about Starz on Ps4. 

Starz is a premium satellite and cable TV channel operated by Lionsgate. Apart from a 24-hour channel, it has an old-fashioned subscription on-demand channel and in 2016 an all-inclusive streaming application. 

Starz provides all of its content accessible to subscribers of the channel as well as streaming-only customers.

This premium label implies that the streaming service has a huge selection of feature films which includes some brand new films and its own exclusive, high-end series.

How do you Join?

There are many methods to be a Starz subscriber. You can sign up with your satellite or cable provider if your preference is the classic channel experience.

You can also join online and play on your laptop or download a stand-alone app. You can do this by clicking the link below.

Another option that is popular is to purchase Starz to be an added-on channel for Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, Microsoft, Roku, Samsung TV, Sling, or Sprint and many related topics you can find here

How do you download Starz on PS4?

So many people are asking to know about how we can use the Starz application on ps4. You can see this report on using and downloading Starz on PS4. We cannot download and install straightly on PS4.

We want to get a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. After that, you may download Starz on ps4. Here are the procedures for startup Starz.

You can download the Starz application ps store. We have many methods to download.

Method 1:

We want to subscribe to Amazon Prime to download and install the Starz application.

This type of downloading method may not work for some devices. You want to download and subscribe to Amazon Prime videos in that issue. Some people who might have subscribed may download Starz directly on PS4.

You can also use Starz for a free trial for a week. This will be very helpful to know how to use Starz. If you are not like that week’s free trial, you can cancel your subscription. You can pay for a monthly package priced at dollar 8.99. 

Method 2:

You can download and install using the web browser of the Starz application. The website of Starz stands for 

Method 3:

You can download and install the Starz application using the Hulu app. Some people have already subscribed to the Hulu application on play station.

You can use a free trial in the Hulu application. You can watch some Starz videos by selecting Hub and clicking on the Entertainment visible on the screen. download Hulu

Method 4:


Some people may not like any subscription on Amazon Prime Video Hulu applications. They may use the Netflix application to watch videos offered by Starz. download Netflix. Also, Netflix related topics on

How to use Starz on your PS4?

We have many guides to know about how to use Starz on your ps4. Here are some of the processes to use Starz on the ps4.

Step 1: You want to download the Starz app.

  • Move to TV & videos visible on the home screen.

  • Click on the Starz play.

  • Select the Starz to download visible on the play station store.

Some of the home screens may not be visible that TV & Videos in that time you only want to do:
  • Select the play station store visible on the home screen.

  • You can find TV & videos. 

  • Select Starz and select to download.

Step 2: To set up for a Starz on your ps4.

  • Select the setting when the application is running.

  • Set up an email ID and password for logging in Starz app. 

  • Fill up your created log-in ID and password on the ps4.

  • You can activate your account when you have finished logging in.

  • You can set up payment when your account may not remain active.

  • The first month of the payment is considered a free trial.

To conclude

Now you can enjoy and watch your Starz videos and movies on PS4.

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