Hair Transplant In Birmingham To Stop Hair Loss

Hair Transplant In Birmingham

It is quite natural for any person to get worried about losing precious hair on their head. Many have even turned bald even in their young age due to rapid and unchecked hair fall. Moreover, hair loss can be termed to be a worrisome factor for anyone, be it a male or a female of any age. Reduction of hair on head automatically lowers self confidence while leading to depression.

What steps to take to avoid hair loss as well as to restore hair growth?

There are several options available in the market like topical creams, medications, PRP, oils and finally hair transplant surgeries. The remedy to avail to regrow hair entirely depends on your particular condition and budget to spend! The reason for hair fall might be temporary due to seasonal change.  Medicated creams or oils with proper hair care can help. The doctor can suggest appropriate nutrients and medications to replenish hair growth and the system. Hair Transplant In Birmingham can help get back hair on the head.

Extreme hair thinning

If timely care is not taken, the hair starts to thin out. In such cases, medications, topical creams and oils may not provide effective results. In such a case, you will have to avail non-surgical treatments for hair loss like PRP and Mesotherapy. They help replenish the scalp by providing essential nutrients. It reduces hair loss while stimulating hair regrowth. But if you develop bald patches, then this remedy might not just work.

Male pattern baldness

Also referred to as Androgenic alopecia is tough to be treated by applying creams, oils, medications or hair loss treatments. Many are of the belief that only some magic or miracle may help bald patches to be covered with fresh hair growth. The fact is, these days several cosmetic clinics across the globe may offer such miracles. The procedures popularity offered are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Functioning of hair transplant procedures

Generally, these procedures are termed to be minimally invasive. The surgeon collects the healthy hair follicles present at the head’s back part.  Then, it is transplanted on the affected areas. Both female and male pattern baldness can be treated with hair transplantation therapy. But the criteria are there needs to be ample hair growth on the head’s back part to collect. Thicker growth will mean deriving better results. Getting to know the Hair Transplant London Prices will allow you to make proper decisions.

FUE treatment

This procedure involves individual extraction of hair follicles from the head’s back part. It is then dissected using a high powered microscope after which it gets individually transplanted on the affected region. There are created tiny incisions on the donor/recipient area. Recovery rate is quick since there are not experienced scars or wounds from this procedure.

FUT treatment

In this procedure, thin, long tissue strip is removed from the head’s back part. They are then placed within a holding solution. This is until preparation of grafts using high powered microscope. Such grafts are generally prepared in 1, 2, 3 or 4 units to be transplanted in similar fashion. A single session will allow transplantation of thousand of grafts.

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