A Payment gateway That Improves the Customer’s Experience

online pazment gateway

Creating an exceptional experience isn’t just limited to how you market or recommend your products to customers on your website. It goes beyond that and entails the ease of making payments if your customers choose to make payments online. An intuitive user interface and navigation are prerequisites to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Choosing the right online payment gateway will help you provide a good customer experience and increase your overall revenue. On the other hand, an unreliable payment gateway can lead to a lot of downtime and other technical issues, impacting your topline. Read on to learn more about the role of payment gateways in improving customer experience. 

Connecting dots between online payments, revenue & customer experience

Imagine a situation when your customer cannot purchase from your website due to a payment gateway glitch. Now, most customers will search for alternative websites where they can make the purchase. If they find a close alternative on another website, they will not think for a minute before making the switch. This will undoubtedly lead to a decrease in revenue, and that’s a huge cost to pay for choosing a lousy gateway. There are other things that can also lead to a negative experience and cause them to switch. Most customers don’t like being redirected to another website for making their payments. It can also impact their overall experience and, ultimately, your sales. 

Improving customer experience with the right payment gateway

Customer experience can be significantly improved by offering a user-friendly interface, easy navigation and a smooth checkout experience. The right payment gateway can help bring everything together and enrich the experience for customers. Here’s how to improve the customer experience by choosing the right payment gateway.

  1. Establish trust with familiar payment methods

Keep familiar with payment methods that people trust and commonly use. It is that simple to enhance user experience on payment gateways. While checking out, most people second guess their decision regarding their purchase. In this case, many factors can influence a customer’s decision. Not seeing a payment method they commonly use for online purchases can be a major deterrent to buying the items in the cart. The best payment gateways provide users with the flexibility to make a purchase using a preferred method. Besides this, displaying security compliant certifications like PCI-DSS, SSL certificates, etc., can also help them trust the payment interface.

  1. Say no to multiple redirects

Multiple redirects during the payment processing can be a major deterrent for people. Just put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine being dragged from one payment counter to another in a physical store. It can be frustrating. When it happens with customers on an online portal, they might wonder if it’s a fraudulent website. Multiple redirects in the customer’s payment journey will surely decrease your sales to a great extent. Finding payment gateways that don’t redirect customers on multiple portals should be a part of your customer experience enhancement process.

  1. Customized checkout page

Using payment gateways that provide you with the flexibility to customize the checkout page with branded elements is a must. This will help to establish trust among the customers, and they will find it easier to trust the payment portal after seeing the logo or other branding elements. Imagine buying a product from Brand ‘A’ and going to a payment portal that doesn’t resonate with brand ‘A’ at all. The checkout and payment portal has some resemblance to your brand’s identity. People buy from a particular brand because they connect with its vision and have a thing for it. 

  1. Security features

Most people don’t make online payments because they feature confidential payment data being leaked and misused by other individuals. Having a robust security measure that eliminates this fear can help you deliver a great customer experience. People will trust online payment platforms and use them to make payments for goods and services. Encrypting the transmission of customer data across open public networks also adds to security. You must use a PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway that has an SSL certification. 

Final words

Payment gateways play a key role in enhancing the customer experience and journey regarding online purchases and sales of goods. Using a reliable PCI-DSS compliant payment portal can help you deliver a secure checkout experience that boosts customer satisfaction.

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