5 Must Have Car Accessories You Can’t Do Without

Have you ever heard of car accessories? If yes! Then you must know how useful it is for your car! But many of you don’t have an idea about it. Many of you don’t know what role car accessories play in your life. Well! If you are one of them, then today I’ll tell you the importance of car accessories and also the name of the accessories which you must have in your life.


Car accessories have become the basic need of the person nowadays. They are important not only for your car but for your comfort too. Now! Let’s have a look at some of the important car accessories you must have in your life. Let’s have a look at them one by one-


  1. Microfiber cleaning cloth-  Microfiber cleaning cloth is one of the most important accessories that you must have in your car. They come in various colors like- yellow, orange, blue, gray etc. Cleaning cloth offered by MotoAuto is soft to hands and made of the best fabric. It is not only used to clean your hands but can also be used to clean the dust and dirt both on inside and outside the car’s surface. They come in a pack of 1, 2, 4, 5 and 10. You can buy it depending on your needs. The purchasing price starts from Rs.165. It gradually increases depending on the pack you select.


  1. Steering wheel cover- Steering wheel cover is another important accessory that is of great use. Steering wheel cover by MotoAuto is made of the best quality material and is easy to fit. They easily fit into the car without any problem. The main reason why it is important is that it provides grip when your hands are on the wheel and also enhances the look of your car. You can buy a steering wheel cover at just Rs.490.


  1. Back lumbar support cushion-  Sometimes due to a long journey or uncomfortable seat your back starts paining. In that case the back lumbar support cushion is helpful to give support to your back and helps you to get rid of pain. You can buy this lumbar support cushion from MotoAuto for just Rs.1999. These cushions are made from the best materials and are multipurpose.


  1. Neck pillow- Another important accessory in this list is the neck pillow. Neck pillows are important in order to give support to your neck and keep its posture right. Neck pillow at MotoAuto is  made from the best quality leather having UV resistant properties which makes it unique.  You can find different types of pillows. These pillows are lightweight and you can buy it for Rs.499.


  1. Dual port car charger- This dual port car charger  is one of the most useful and important accessories that you must have in your car. This dual port charger from MotoAuto has fast charging technology and is especially made for a 3.5 amp charger. This is known to be your best friend when on a long or short drive as it helps to charge your mobile phones, cameras, tablets etc, so that you remain entertained throughout the journey. You can buy it for Rs.249.


Final Words

Buying a good quality car accessory is very important and one of the most trusted sites to do all your Shopping is MotoAuto. Here you will get all the important accessories that are listed above and many others.  You can definitely trust them.


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