5 Design Tips for Coming Up with Large Format Printing


Exhibiting impressive graphics outside the store help a lot in attracting more number of customers towards the business. Also, it will help in reflecting an impressive impression about the brand. If you are proficient in designing various types of large format printing, then it is high time to follow some exclusive tips. Following them will help in coming out with superb outputs. 

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What do Large Format Printing Refers to?

Exclusively designed large formats for printing refers to a banner stand, rigid hanging sign, large format trades refer to large format printing. Following some exclusive rules and guidelines will help in coming across some exclusive types of large format printing. Printing work is a skill that is acquired after years of studies and work experience. Large format printing helps in having a proper understanding of the difference the uses of the various types of images required on a specific project.  To come across some of the exclusive outputs, then following some vital tips will help.

What are the Tips to Follow in Designing Large Format Printing?

Below are some vital tips that you must follow at the time of designing different types of large format printing:

·         Understanding the difference between vectors images and bitmaps

There are several differences between a Vector Image and that of other Bitmap images. Vectors work a little differently from JPEGS and other bitmap formats. Bitmapped images are comprised of individual pixels assigned with a fixed location and color values, but in Vectors shapes, lines, and colors are defined by mathematical equations. It is, therefore, possible that a vector image stays sharp regardless of the image you have designed. On the other hand, Its counterpart that Bitmapped images will have a shaggy, stumpy look if you scale them too far. Therefore, for designing various types of large format printing, it is advisable to use vector images wherever possible.

·         Choosing Fonts Correctly

Most of the board printing works are viewed from a distance, which means that the fonts you choose depict not only style but also readability. Some fonts are there which give your large scale printinga good stylish look but are difficult to read from far places. To check this one should use simple fonts with higher readability with Bold and Italics styling. Now you can use a simple technique to test whether the font you have used is correct or not. A professional is aware of the suitable colors, fonts styles, and sizes required to be visible. 


l  Choosing Colours Wisely

Same as with fonts, viewing from a far distance is a key concern when selecting your colors. We must pick a background color that is in contrast with the text and graphic elements to make sure that viewers can read the message on your banner or Foamex boardeasily. Another technique is to keep the color combination steady, not messy. In most cases, two or three colors will be sufficient to make mesmerizing types of large format printing for business place. However, you can use a multi-color schemes .

·         Balance is Key

At the time of designing different types of large format printing one must understand that banners, signs, and posters all are meant to be read and absorbed quickly by people who pass by them. This means that you should not mess up your print with tons of graphics and text like in jumble words. Also if you want to grab the attention of the audience, your design must not be too scattered.

Following the above-mentioned tips will help you to come up with the right type of large format printing.


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