The Recovery Agent: A New Adventure Begins

 In this article, the author talks about his own personal experience with going through a recovery process following an addiction to drugs. He talks about what led him to relapse, why he decided to take on the challenge of therapy and how he was able to use a computer program called “The Recovery Agent” in order to get through his recovery.


The Recovery Agent: A New Adventure Begins

The Preface

In the year 2383, mankind was in decline. The economy had fallen apart and there was no money. The people came together to form The Recovery Agency and take on the job of recovering all that mankind’s lost wealth. They extracted resources from Earth’s crust, but this meant destroying the earth through mining. In an effort to save what remained of the planet, a group of scientists created a new technology called the Bubble. This device protects Earth by creating a bubble around it that keeps pollution out while making sure that humans were still able to continue living on Earth.

Chapter 1: A New Adventure Begins

When he woke up, his mom was already gone.
“Mom!” He screamed, but there was no response.
He searched the house for any signs of her, but he couldn’t find anything.
Suddenly, he heard a voice.
“You are not alone.”

Chapter 2: How Does This Book Impact You?

Mr. Rennie’s story is about the abuse of power, and how it leads to corruption. They’ve been following him for a month now, taking down his websites and shutting down his accounts on social media. In their eyes he is a criminal, but what if he is actually fighting for them?

Chapter 3: Where Do You Start?

Patrick was lost in the woods, no food or water, and his wand was broken. He knew he needed to find help, but how? He didn’t know where he was, what was around him, or even which way to go. After stumbling through the forest for hours he finally spotted a city down valley that could be his salvation. With one final push, he climbed up the hill and saw a huge sign welcoming him to Membury. Now all he had to do was find someone – anyone – who could help him.

Chapter 4: Prioritize Activities

The protagonist and his new partner, Agent Johnson, arrive at the scene of a crime that is related to the last case they were working on together. They investigate, interview key persons, and find some valuable evidence which leads them to an old friend of theirs who has been missing for awhile. Over time, they grow closer in their relationship beyond just work as well.

Chapter 5: Keep a Food Journal

Chapter 5 is all about the tradeoffs you make and how to evaluate them. It’s also about how to plan for things that might go wrong, like a medical emergency. It’s about how to take care of yourself when things get tough.

Chapter 6: Think Outside the Box

After the events that occurred in Chapter 5, the agents were becoming more and more desperate to find the culprit. They had tried looking into everything from how the person could have gotten out of the building without them seeing them to who they know that could be behind it all. They had been thinking of every possibility, but not being able to come up with anything Joe was exasperated.


After a many twists and turns, the team make it to the safe house of their main suspect, Ethan. They find him trying to escape and manage to convince him that they aren’t there to arrest him. Finally, they are back on the right track while they wait for more information about their next target.

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