Sixth Strings Music: A Musical Production Company

Sixth Strings Music is a music production company in Ghaziabad. A team that provides a complete range of services to help you make the most out of your music. We provide learning classes, recording label, music composing, song distribution and more for a wide range of customers. 

sixth strings music


Sixth Strings Music

Sixth Strings Music is a music production company that creates original music for commercials, films, and anything else. Sixth Strings Music is located in Ghaziabad, India

Sixth Strings Music is a production company with over 7 years of experience in the industry. They offer the following services:

·         Recording, Mixing and Mastering Music,

·         Arranging and Programming music,

·         Producing Music videos.

·         Cover Songs Making

·         Original Songs Making

·         Music Production Classes


A Best Recording Label

Sixth String offers a recording label and production company to help aspiring musicians achieve success. The team of producers and engineers are all gifted in their own right, and have helped shape many hit songs over the years. They offer affordable rates for album projects, and also have a slew of talented artists ready to work with prospective clients.

Music Composing

Composing is the creation of music, either orally or in written form. The composer may also be responsible for the production and performance of a piece. In some cases, this may include teaching the work to other performers. Composers are often asked to collaborate with composers from different cultural backgrounds.Collaborating with other composers not only includes writing musical works, but also sharing their own musical ideas and cultural heritage.

Song Distribution

Distribution is a main concern for any musician as it can determine your audience size. With an efficient distribution strategy, you can get your music in front of more listeners and potentially pick up an impressive number of new fans.


Video Production


Sixth String is a video production company that creates videos for bands, artists, and companies. They also provide live streaming services for online audiences. The company has created many videos for various clients including Tezi Brothers, India Talent Fights, and others.

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