Save the Civilization Introduction and Overview

The first way to save the civilization is to make sure that everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water. If people do not get enough clean and safe water, they will be more susceptible to diseases, which can devastate a population and cause the civilization to fall apart. 



The second way is by increasing access to education. This means providing free education for all children up until the age of 18, as well as making sure that adults have time for additional education or vocational training when needed.

The last way is by making sure that people don’t get into debt. When people get into debt, it can be difficult for them to manage their finances and keep up with their expenses. They might also feel more stressed out about their financial problems than they would be without them and lose interest in other aspects of life, such as taking care of their children or spending time with friends.

The story of civilization

The story of civilization is a story of the progress and growth that started with the first people who were able to create fire and continue until now. In order to continue this progress, people must be allowed to construct and use any source of energy they wish. People should not be forced to live on their natural resources like nature provides them free because that would lead to destruction of these resources.

Ways civilization will be saved

One way civilization can be saved is by raising the minimum wage. In this way, people who work hard will have enough money to pay for rent and food, which would allow them to afford more expensive goods and services. Raising the minimum wage could also help bring back jobs that have been outsourced. Another way civilization can be saved is by making sure people have access to clean water. A lack of clean water leads to many health problems, like diarrhea and dysentery.

What is the future of civilization?

Let’s not be naive and think that the current state of civilization is fine. There are many challenges facing our society, and they will only become more complex with time. The future of civilization is uncertain and it seems like we’re living in an apocalyptic world. But even if a nuclear war does happen, there are measures that we can take to keep ourselves safe.


The year was 1898 and the word was “civilization.”
It meant a great deal in the minds of many–a time when communities could flourish, people could rise up to better themselves, and society as a whole would thrive.

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