How to Keep Your Kitchen Safe from Fire

If you are in a commercial kitchen and plan to host large parties, it is important to keep your kitchen safe from fire. There are many factors that contribute to fire like cooking food on high heat, cooling food with hot liquids, and smoking while cooking. Check out these tips for keeping your kitchen safe!


Fire safety for commercial kitchen

How safe is your kitchen?

The kitchen is the most common place for house fires to start. The leading cause of a fire in the kitchen is cooking at high temperatures, which often leads to grease fires or failure of an electrical cord. To prevent these potential disasters, install non-flammable materials around the stove and microwave, have a fire extinguisher near your stovetop and oven, and if you’re cooking with an open flame, keep a lid nearby.

The types of fires in a kitchen

There are many different types of fires in the kitchen. The most common type is the grease fire, which has been known to cause major fires. The other types of fires are electrical, chemical, and a cooking fire. These fires can cause serious burns and injuries if left unattended for too long.

Signals that something is wrong

Smoke alarms in your home can detect the presence of smoke in your kitchen and react quickly. If you have a smoke alarm in your kitchen, then you need to follow three simple steps:
-Set the detector to sound off when it detects smoke
-Remove cooking appliances from the room while they are on
-Check that battery covers are screwed down so that they cannot come off

What should you do if your kitchen catches on fire?

If your kitchen catches on fire, the most important thing to do is to get out of the house. Don’t try to put it out, don’t go back in for anything else, and remember that you can only escape from a fire if you leave the building. The fire department will then respond and put out the flames


To make your kitchen safe from fire, you should keep the area clear of combustible items. If an item is a lit match or something with a high risk of starting a fire, it should be put away until the risk has passed. If there are open flames burning in the room, the room should be evacuated and closed off to prevent any further damage.

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