How Kim Kardashian made minivans hip


 When style-conscious millennial mom Tiffany Herr realized she and her three kids had outgrown her luxurious Mercedes-Benz GL550 in 2021, she did something that surprised those who knew her: She got a minivan.

Kim Kardashian made minivans

But not just any old family car. Herr, whose children range in age from 2 to 8, was one of the first moms in her Avon, Ind., community to light the ultramodern 2022 Kia Carnival SX Prestige last spring. The Pimped Out minivan, which set online style influencers back nearly $48,000, offers power-reclining, heated seats with foot rests and plush leather interior, two built-in televisions, self-driving features, Wi-Fi, phone Comes complete with charging. ports and internal and external cameras.

"I wanted something sleek and cool, but it was also comfortable and spacious for my kids," Herr, 31, told The Post. "My Kia is so badass and so practical at the same time. I've long discredited and put aside for the giant SUV, the minivan is making a stylish comeback. Carmakers like Kia, Toyota and Chrysler offer luxe details, state-of-the-art technologies, and more Introducing new variants with cool styling, which is comparable to hipper cars like the Land Cruiser.

Volkswagen is teasing a modern, electric version of its classic minibus called the id Buzz, which will eventually hit the US market in 2024 after breathless anticipation.

Meanwhile, popular auto YouTuber Freddy Hernandez, better known as Tavarish, is currently rebuilding and supercharging a Chrysler Pacifica at the Classic Car Club in Manhattan.

And, with no sure sign of the return of the minivan, Kim Kardashian opted for just one for her latest wheels. No mere tote-transporter and Cheerio-collector, this is a Maybach with a $400,000 price tag.

"It took us about six months to build that minivan for her," luxury car dealer RD Whittington, 38, told The Post of Kim Kardashian's new ride.

Whittington and her team at Wires Only in Beverly Hills, California, collaborated with the Kardashians to create a black-interior ride equipped with a special split, a built-in flat-screen TV that rolls up and down, hidden seats that press One button, two Maybach-style reclining seats with massage capabilities, a mini fridge, wireless phone charging station and Wi-Fi. And its Vogush vehicle made its world premiere in the Discovery+ series "Million Dollar Wheels" on Monday.

"Kim is a wonderful mom who loves to take her kids where they need to go," Whittington said of the reality star shared with her husband, Kanye West. "She wanted a good car — not a sprinter or run-of-the-mill minivan — that was customized for the specific needs of her busy family."

The auto embellisher — which has also designed vehicles for celebs like musician Jay Balvin, 36, and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, 54 — says parents of all tax brackets are now in the market for posh, yet practical minivans.

"Moms and dads want their kids to do something at school, sports, and events that is cool and comfortable," he said. "And they want that same car to showcase their personal style after they drop off their kids."

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