GoDaddy Online Starter Bundle Review – What is Online Startup Bundle?

 What is Online Startup Bundle?

Now Everyone has right to take business online with ease. So Take Your Business with us with No hustle.

So register your domain with anywhere or let us know and we’ll register in behalf of you. Once Registration done then start up bundle will start on work.


godaddy online startuo bundle

Today we are going to share with you GoDaddy Starter Bundle Review with Advantages and Disadvantages. So if you also want to buy Godaddy Online Starter Bundle review, or want to get full details review about it, then keep reading this post.


As you all know, GoDaddy Inc. is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. But if you want to buy its starter bundle. So please stop.


Because we are going to give you complete information about that bundle that what service you will get in that godaddy online starter bundle. and how you can use them.

The GoDaddy Online Starter Bundle is an easy way for a small business to create a domain name, website, and business account.


Online presence is very important for small and medium sized businesses. It could be a local bakery launching a one-time Christmas range to discuss New Year’s Eve offerings—a website serving as a reliable anchor for communication. This is what brand communication can fall back on.


If you’re opposed to the idea of ​​getting a website for your business because of the cost and/or the effort involved, there are guides and starter packs you can check out. One such option is the GoDaddy Online Starter Bundle, specially designed for SMBs and micro business owners. The basics you need to know before including a web address, domain name and an email ID.


The bundle will help you create a one-page starter website and a secure email account. Both will be linked to a unique domain name, the one-stop digital identity of your business. In terms of investment, it will be around Rs 3 per day. The Starter Bundle has everything you need to present a professional face in the online world.


Wondering why you need a digital identity when you can create a social media page and run your business through it? The simple answer is that a website adds unparalleled credibility to the mix. It helps to find your business online. Plus, you get a high degree of control over how you display as well as act.


So, what do you get in the GoDaddy Online Starter Bundle?


A domain for your business identity that will act as your business address on the Internet.

One page website to help you build your business digital presence with credibility.

A business email account based on the domain you choose for your one-page website.


What are the things to keep in mind while choosing a domain name?


A domain name is an entity that is unique to a business. No two websites can have the same domain name. Tips to keep in mind before choosing a domain name:


Keep it short and simple as it should be easy for people to remember as well as type.

The name should not contain any special characters, dashes or numbers that may confuse people.

If you have a name in mind but have taken it, you can add your place of business to it.


Why do you need a business email account?


When you’re sending business email, having a business domain name attached to it makes the conversation credible. It helps you stand out from the spam crowd. The email ID that you get with the Online Starter bundle comes with 10GB of email storage which is available on desktop and mobile.


How long does it take to create a website and email account?


Although the process may seem daunting in the beginning, it only takes a few minutes to set up completely. It’s just a matter of a few right clicks.


GoDaddy Starter Bundle Review!


Friends, if you want to use GoDaddy’s Starter Bundle service. And want to buy it, what may happen to you in future. And what can be the problem after buying that Starter Bundle. We will tell about it in this post.


Let us tell you, GoDaddy’s Starter Bundle service is only for those people. Those who just want to build their business online portfolio. Because in this you will get some things and some will not? which is given below.

1. Pricing


This service of godaddy can be used for just Rs. 54 on monthly basis. And you can buy it for just ₹ 648 per year. But in the second year you have to pay more than Rs 1200+.

2. Domain


And with this pack you can use only .in and Domain those people who will be given to you for free in the first year, so that you will fall into their deception. And you buy their service. And let me also tell you that with this bundle you can use only .in and domains. Also, it will not support bundles and any domains like .com etc.

3. Hosting


You will not get any hosting access in this pack. He will be near the access dock. Because Godaddy will not give you any separate hosting for this. He will upload your website to his server.

4. Website Types


In this pack you can create only one portfolio website. Which will be single page only. And that portfolio will be pre-designed. Instruments must be pre-designed. You would just replace your stuff in it. In this you will not be able to use your own custom design and any cms like wordpress etc.


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