How much do dried figs cost in Bhubaneswar?

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What is dried figs?

Dried figs are the fruit of the tree that bears the same name. This fruit is often used to make jams, syrups, and other cooking preparations. These fruits have a sweet and tangy flavor that can be enjoyed raw or in cooked preparations. Dried figs in Bhubaneswar cost around 80 rupees per kilogram (about $1 INR).

Where do dried figs come from and how are they manufactured?

Dried figs are a type of dried fruit. They’re not common in Bhubaneswar, but they are found all over India. The fruit is picked when it’s ripe and then placed into hot sun to dry. If you go to a market or vegetable stand on the street, you’ll find the fruit being sold in large bags. They range from 10 rupees to 100 rupees per bag.

What type of products can be made with dried figs and what are the benefits?

Dried figs can be used to make many different types of products. Fig paste, for example, is made by grinding dried figs and using them as an ingredient in sauces or desserts. Dried figs are also used to make a variety of jams and marmalades. They can also be made into a tea that is known to help with digestion. In addition, dried figs are marketed as being beneficial for health because they are high in antioxidants, which fight free radicals.

How much do dried figs cost in Bhubaneswar?

Dried figs are a popular breakfast food, especially for the mornings when you want to pack light. The price of dried figs in Bhubaneswar varies wildly, depending on where you buy them from. If you purchase them from a store, and not from the market, they should range between 13-25 rupees ($0.27 – $0.58). Alternatively, if you purchase dried figs from the market, they should cost around 8 rupees ($0.14) per kilogram of dried fruit.

Best alternatives to dried figs

Dried figs are a popular snack in Bhubaneswar as they are easy to carry around and can be eaten on the go. However, dried figs are not the best option for your health, as they are highly processed, contain high levels of sugar, and may have gluten in them. Other options such as banana chips, apple slices, and dried apricots would be a better choice.

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