Role of social media during lockdown


Offices are closed, movement of people is restricted, and the entire world is confined to their homes. The scenes we are witnessing around the world are unprecedented.


The COVID-19 pandemic is running amok and has put the entire world under lockdown. In trying to break the chain of transmission, governments around the world have confined people to their homes, restricting their movements. Aside from essential goods and services companies, entire economies are shut down due to the pandemic. What is the output for your business?

Business opportunity

While people somehow manage to cope with the blockade, companies are out of bounds. As the saying goes, “in any negative situation, we can find positivity”, in this crisis too, companies can find positivity. The opportunity is in the form of “use of social networks”.

Social media has already become the largest online marketplace where businesses find and attract customers. But, in these uncertain times, social media is playing a bigger role in connecting people and assuring them that everything will be okay.

People share their thoughts and communicate with their friends, family, and others through social media. Particularly during the shutdown, the platform plays an important role in disseminating information about the pandemic. In addition, there is a widespread exchange of misinformation on the platform.

You may be wondering what role social media plays in my business in the midst of the crisis. Social networks play a different role during the confinement than in general times. You just have to seize the opportunity it presents.

Role of social media during the lockdown

As your business is closed, it is not possible to provide goods or services to your customers. However, you can reach your current and potential customers through social media.

According to Crystal Hues, Social Media Marketing Services Expert, Delhi, this is how you can use social media.

• Quell the disinformation campaign When fear takes over the world, scammers try to profit from fear by spreading false information. Social media is full of scammers. Some are trying to sell fake drugs as a treatment for COVID-19. As a responsible company, you can provide the correct information to your audience and quell the disinformation campaign. Always share the correct facts and cite authentic sources. The World Health Organization (WHO) websites and government websites are authentic sources from which you can share information.

• Engage your audience Blocking is a great opportunity to engage with your audience. By holding Q&A sessions or asking your customers for suggestions on product improvements, etc., you can engage your audience. You can also ask your audience to share their experiences of blocking. This bond with your audience on social media will benefit you down the road – better engagement means positive returns later.

• Use context when posting content Not only during blocking, but in any situation, you need to post content based on context. But, in these times, we recommend extra care when publishing content. You can share content based on humor or any other funny and entertaining content. But, any inappropriate and tasteless content could cost you dearly.

• Don’t sell, be empathetic Socially, financially and emotionally, the pandemic and the associated blockade are taking its toll on all of us. In these tough times, consider marketing your products on social media. Our advice is not to do marketing. Instead, post content that reassures people about the good times to come. Be empathetic to the difficulties people face. And modify your social media content strategy accordingly.

• Be socially responsible Students are the hardest hit by the closure. With schools and universities closed, formal education has become inaccessible. This is where you can show your social responsibility. Share educational resources online for free with students and teachers. If possible, provide informal education, motivate them, and hold online sessions or group talks with subject matter experts.

• Help fight the pandemic Track, test and treat has been the mantra for fighting the pandemic. In many countries, social media played the role of catalyst for tracking and treating people with COVID-19 symptoms. As a responsible company, you help fight the pandemic by interacting.

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