Top Small Business Social Media Platforms


Social media provides a platform where you can interact with your current and potential customers, share information about products and services, and spread awareness of your brand and business.


It is also an excellent customer service tool. People like to hear real life customers talk about how great your company and customer service are, and anything that can help your marketing is certainly worth it.


Customers can also contact you directly through your social media channels and ask questions that can help drive all those important sales and inquiries.




Facebook is the number one social network among marketers, with more than 1 billion monthly active users today. Businesses can effectively target users of a wide range of ages and demographics with Facebook ads. Creating a custom business page allows you to share relevant content, including text, images, and videos with your followers.



Youtube is the largest video sharing platform and the second largest search engine, with an estimated 1.58 billion users in 2018. Youtube also allows you to share your videos on other social platforms and embed videos on your website, so giving you the option to use videos in your marketing strategy.



Twitter is a fast-paced microblogging site with an estimated 336 million monthly visitors. The messages are short, with a limit of 280 characters per post. Posts can be organized by hashtags (#), for example, using the popular #MondayMotivation tag allows people searching for similar posts with the same tag to find your tweet. This can be especially helpful in getting information out to the masses.

Twitter ads can also generate an additional stream of traffic and customers. With the ability to link your account to Facebook, your posts can be shared on both platforms at the same time, thus saving time for small businesses with time constraints.



Instagram is an online platform for sharing photos and videos, with more than half of its users under the age of 30. It allows users to share photos and short videos privately with their followers or publicly with new prospects. It is particularly useful and effective for visual products.

Hashtags are also popular on Instagram; allowing you to expand your reach, as well as search and discover pages of interest. Using Instagram ads allows businesses to reach more people, interact with followers, and promote their products. Your Instagram account can also be linked to Facebook and Twitter, so your posts can be shared on multiple platforms at once.



Pinterest is an online service where you can upload, save and share images, interests and web pages and create boards of your interests and pin content on your boards. For example, you come across a great recipe that you want to make, but don’t have time. No problem! You can set your prescription for reference at a later date.




Linkedin is a professional network for people and companies to connect, share industry information, and recommend each other. It is also a place where you can add your skills and qualifications for potential clients and prospects.



Snapchat is a relatively new platform and while it is very popular with a younger audience, it is worth noting that with over 150 million users and the paid marketing option, it is fast becoming a place to build brand awareness. . Like other platforms, a business can send photos and videos to its followers, however these “snapshots” are only available for 10 seconds before they disappear forever.

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