Secrets to Success for Women Entrepreneurs


For a long time, women have been under-represented in entrepreneurship, especially in India where women were only expected to do housework. But with the increase in literacy, things are changing now. Over the past decade, the number of female entrepreneurs has increased and a number of them have also proven their worth.


According to an article published by Business Standard-

According to the sixth economic census report of the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, women contribute 14% of total entrepreneurship, or 8.05 million out of 58.5 million entrepreneurs.

This number is quite low and needs to be increased for gender equality and the empowerment of women as well. Well, it’s not just about gender equality or something, but women have often proven to be better in terms of decision-making and creativity.

Moreover, according to a recent study, it was found that most employed women tend to hire mainly women, which increases the number of employed women and helps to empower more women. This gives us a good reason to empower and encourage women entrepreneurs.

So, to encourage our women entrepreneurs, we offered them some tips for success.

 Top secret of success for women entrepreneurs

Establish an unambiguous goal

Having unambiguous goals means having realistic goals. You can have assumptions, but your success cannot be based on assumptions. Therefore, set small goals for yourself at the start and plan your other goals based on your success or failure of the previous goal.

Take risks and accept failures

You can never succeed until she is willing to take the risk. No one can predict the future and therefore when you start a business you have to take risks. Sometimes you can have failures in your path, but failures are meant to be a chapter of success. A successful entrepreneur is one who accepts his failure and learns from them.

Bold and disruptive idea

With so many competitors in the industry, it becomes essential to build your business on bold ideas that are unique from the rest. You can only get the edge when your idea is going to attract customers, something more conventional, pocket-sized, and less explored can give you an edge.

Build a network

You can’t deny the fact that in order to build a successful business you need a strong network. From purchasing the raw materials to exporting and securing the right customer, the network plays a big role. So, to be on the list of successful entrepreneurs, you need to build a solid network in your field.

Take your comments

Feedback is one of the things that can help you improve yourself. So, whatever your activity, also take into account the comments of your valued customers and friends. If there is any negative feedback, please don’t be late to take action against them. Even a single negative comment sets the stage for your improvement when you work on it.

Keep experimenting

Experiences help you know what is good and what is not. When you experience something works well then something fails. It helps you know what you need to do to get better results and what will help you be successful.

Time management

Time management is the most important thing in any job, business. Women often face the problem of time management compared to their male counterparts. With a few obligations to fulfill, the time spent on the board is proving to be extremely important and should now be ended with outrageous confidence. As individual obligations require extra time, competent responsibilities should not require sitting backwards.

Keep learning

Learning is the key to growth, and to success as well. You have to agree that any successful entrepreneur is a good learner. If you want to be part of the success stories, try to learn things in your field, read books, courses, brains and / or continuing education courses at a local university.


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