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Friends as you all know. We solve all our queries from the Internet. Whenever we have a question in our mind, we immediately google it. And that's why Google provides a lot of service to us. One of those services is Google Trends. Do you know what Google trends are? Google is an app used by the whole world, on which the whole world puts its queries. But do you know how we can know the most popular career topics? We use Google Trends only to know the most popular query or topic. Through Google Trends, we get to know which is the most asked topic.


What is Google trend?

• Google Trends is a tool provided by Google which was established by Google in March 2017, it is a very popular tool. From this we can know what is going on the latest on Google? From what is its sinfulness, we can find out in the form of a graph, how much sinfulness does it have?

• Through Google Trends, you know about the most popular topics, what is the most important topic going on today? This solves your difficulty and is also very important for blogging.

• Bloggers get to know the most moving topics. If he writes his posts, then he will benefit immensely.

• In Google Trends, you can find out through a graph which one is most popular, like if you search for a support person? So Google Trends will show you a graph. From that graph, you can find out what its sinfulness is.

• This data was updated by Google throughout the week. But now its data is updated everyday.

How to use Google Trends?

 Let us tell you how Google Trends works?

• To use Google Trends follow the steps given below.

• Open the browser: Open the browser in your computer and search Google in it. After searching, you will see a page. Open Google Trends and create your ID on it.

• Choose the option: After opening Google Trends, you will get two options, out of those two options, you will have to choose those two options. Country change or search option.

• Modify: After this you will get a lot of options such as comparison country change category or web search. You can modify all these options according to yourself.

• Go to all regions: From all regions you can know how much your keywords have been searched in which state of your country.

• Queries: Here you will see queries for your related topics.

Benefits of Google Trends

 Let us tell you what are the benefits of Google Trends?

• Finds the best keywords for you: The advantage of Google Trends is that it shows the most searched keywords for you.

• Tells you the hottest trend: Google Trance helps you to tell which is the most popular topic nowadays, it helps you in choosing the topic of the content.

• Finds your competitors: Through Google Friend you have an advantage that it is for you. Finds your competitors and helps you to create such posts further.

• The region tells you where your keywords have been searched the most: Through Google Trends you can know where your keywords have been spent the most? The name of that region shows you.

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