Lets understand Artificial Intelligence


In recent years, artificial intelligence has remained in an equal debate on various causes and issues. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computing whose job is to make intelligent machines. Recently, government think tank NITI Aayog and Google agreed that the two aim to promote India’s Artificial Intelligence-AI and Machine Learning-ML ecosystem. They will work together on several initiatives, which will help create an artificial intelligence ecosystem in the country. NITI Aayog was given the responsibility of developing technologies such as AI and preparing a national research program. On this responsibility, NITI Aayog is developing a national action policy on artificial intelligence as well as the national data and analysis portal, so that it can be widely used.


What is artificial intelligence?

In simpler terms, artificial intelligence means developing the ability to think, understand and make decisions in a machine. Artificial intelligence is considered to be the most advanced form of computing and it creates a mind in which the computer can think … a computer brain that can think like humans.

Types of artificial intelligence

• Purely responsive

• Limited memory

• Brain theory

• Complex

• Artificial intelligence started in the 1950s. Artificial intelligence means – an intellectual capacity developed in an artificial (artificial) way.

According to John McCarthy, the father of artificial intelligence, it is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs, that is, the intelligence displayed by machines.

• It creates a computer system or a robotic system, which tries to function according to the same logic, on the basis of which the human brain works.

• Artificial intelligence is a way to make computer controlled robots or intelligent software like humans.

• It studies how the human brain thinks and learns when solving a problem, how it makes decisions and how it works.

In Hollywood, films like Artificial Intelligence, Star Wars, Eye Robot, Terminator, Blade Runner, etc. have been made, you can get an idea of   what artificial intelligence is after all! Artificial intelligence can also be seen in the film ‘Robot’ by renowned actor Rajinikanth in India. However, in 1997, a computer system with artificial intelligence defeated Gary Kasporov of Russia, one of the greatest chess players of all time.

This is how artificial intelligence began

• Artificial intelligence began in the 1950s, but its importance was recognized in the 1970s.

• Japan was the first to take this initiative and in 1981 launched a program called Fifth Generation.

• It describes a 10-year program for the development of supercomputers.

• After that, other countries also paid attention to it. Britain has created a project called “Elvi” for this.

• The countries of the European Union have also introduced a program called “Esprit”.

• Subsequently, in 1983, certain private organizations jointly formed a “Micro-electronics and computer technology” consortium to develop advanced technologies applicable to artificial intelligence, such as integrated circuits on a very large scale.

Key applications of artificial intelligence

• Computer games

• Natural language processing

• Expert system

• Vision system

• Speech recognition

• Smart robot

Plus, running a very complex system … making new drugs … inventing new chemicals … from mining to space … from the stock market to insurance companies … it there is no longer such an area of   human life. does not interfere with artificial intelligence.

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