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If you are trying to build a brand, be it a trademark, a personal brand, or a website following, you must have a TikTok. It's one of the few apps where you can post a piece of content, wake up, and have millions of views. This type of reach no longer occurs on YouTube and Instagram. As TikTok algorithms change, this opportunity will disappear, but for now, new creators are highly favored on TikTok. Plus, creating content in just 15 seconds is super easy and doesn't have to be as polished as YouTube.



1.Partner with a brand and charge per post

Once you have a following on TikTok, partner with a brand that will pay you to promote your product. With this method, you will be paid regardless of whether your product is sold due to its listing or not. Charge these companies a flat fee (the fee will depend on your followers) every time you post about their product or embed their product in your TikTok video.

2.Monetize your Instagram or YouTube and link it to TikTok

Encourage people to follow your Instagram or YouTube accounts, which you may have monetized. TikTok allows you to have an Instagram and YouTube account associated with your TikTok where people can easily find them from your profile. If you've already partnered with brands on your Instagram, now you can get more views because people go from your TikTok to your other accounts.

3.Mention an affiliate discount code for a product

Post and talk about a product in your video while mentioning that you have a discount code in your TikTok bio or within the text of the video. Make this discount code also an affiliate tracking code for the business you are promoting, so every time the discount code is used, you earn a commission. Since you can't put URLs in the bio, this is one way to avoid having a direct link.

4.Send people to your website and collect their email or phone number

Encourage people to come to you for advice within your niche. We are in the "finance" and "how to make money" niche, so we encourage people to reach out to us via text message or email. Then we answer all the questions to the best of our ability. At the same time, we add them to an email list or text message list and publish relevant content over time. This content is monetized with affiliate ads and offers. Collecting email addresses and phone numbers is a great way to make money in the long run.

5.Publish your Cash or Venom app and ask people to send you money

You can post your Venmo or Cash app username and ask people to send you money. While we don't do this, I do know a lot of people who get money sent through these apps. You need to have a large following, and there are only certain people who can pull it off, but they might as well give it a go.

I encourage you to create a TikTok and start posting today. You never know if you can get famous on TikTok or make money on TikTok without trying. We are very happy to have created a TikTok while helping people in the process.

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